FaDi '96 pictures by Obstler (mostly)

FAschingsDIenstag '96 (Carneval Tuesday)

Well, here's the whole FaDi'96 crew, and still way to sober

There we are in part 2 of our great Bus/Tram Trip around Graz

The Crow being escorted by two Star Trek security officers

Revolutionary Leader Sub Commander Del Marcos and those yellow guys again

The Tram Trip Crew on its way to Wetzelsdorf

Sub Commander Del Marcos persuading fellow citizens of the necessity of revolution

The Star Trek Captain and the Alien from Zak MacKracken about to indulge some fine potions

Later on the day the action happens around Mehlplatz

Down to 4 members the crew rests in the Herzl Weinstube

Mr. Data and that Alien again, this time in the Kulturhauskeller

"No pictures, please!"

The Alien being abducted by the Star Trek Security Team

The way home is quite difficult after such a hard day...

After a final stop in the Schillerhof for Flaming Lamborghinis even gravity can become a real problem

Going upstairs isn't what it used to be

Will they make it?

Yes! But the corner seems to be the final resting place

Wrong, gravity again taking its toll, those who lasted

'til the end, end up on the floor

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